New Feature: Pinning Profiles | eBoss Recruitment Software

Pinning search results and profiles for faster workflows.

We are very happy to announce the successful rollout of another new feature for your eBoss system. This time, we can introduce you to Pinning: a faster way to work your database.

• Pinning Pages for faster workflows

Pinning will help you return to common search results, or frequently-visited pages, more easily.

What is it?

Our pinning tool is simple to use, but incredibly effective. You can now pin any candidate, contact or client page – as well as any job page – with a single click.

Once pinned, your chosen page will remain at the top of your database search results every time you access your eBoss system. That means you can save tasks which remain in place between sessions. Or it lets you hold a priority client or candidate at the top of your search field, so that you always know where to find them.

How does it work?

Pinning any page is incredibly simple. You click the “pin” icon on the target page, and it is automatically added to your list of pinned results, at the top of your database.


• Pinning is already live on your eBoss software. Simply sign out and then log back into your system to see the update.

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