eBoss climbs digital.com best agency software shortlist | recruitment software news

eBoss places within the top two recruitment agency software suppliers for 2022.

eBoss has secured second place in the Digital.com shortlist of top recruiting agency software suppliers for 2022.

It is the second year in a row that eBoss has been named as a top supplier. Last year, the British recruitment software enterprise claimed the fifth spot. Twelve months of product development and ever-strengthening technology partnerships have assisted the brand in moving up into second place.

The Digital.com panel of experts evaluates products on a set of industry-specific benchmarks. Factors including cost, functionality, and Quality-of-Life features inform the judges’ decisions.

What makes the best agency software?

There is no single answer to this question. The shortlist assesses how each software helps recruiting agencies acquire talent. It looks at times-to-hired and the ease at which applicant data can be parsed, stored, and managed.

So why did eBoss climb so high this time around? In the twelve months since the last shortlist was announced, eBoss has increased its technological ties with leading suppliers like idibu. This helped eBoss bring 360° job advert distribution to market at a time when agencies were struggling to find applicants. 360° job advert distribution means that users of the eBoss system can send a job description to multiple websites from a single screen. All applicants for that role will then arrive on that same screen; uploading new CVs to the database is just a single click. This improves both the efficiency, and the fairness, of managing new applications.

“Recognition for a year of hard work”

UK Director of Sales Robert Ward responded to the announcement with a note of optimism for uncertain times:

“It has been an interesting twelve months, and one which has driven home the importance of co-operation and working towards shared goals.

“We began the year with uncertainty about how the recruiting industry would recover from the pandemic. We took a stance of “expect the unexpected” and focused our development with that in mind. I don’t think many people predicted that the end of lockdowns would mean a wave of resignations and more than a million job vacancies in the UK. So preparing for that level of unpredictability really helped us.

“We looked at what we had achieved over the previous twelve months – bringing new services to the market like automated skills matching and the live Jobfeed. And we knew that these features only addressed part of the challenge. Our extended partnership with idibu has been a big factor in our achievements for 2021. The idibu team has provided some phenomenal distribution and talent acquisition tools for eBoss. At the exact moment when our customers were fighting to secure every candidate they could find, idibu has helped eBoss deliver a system which is smarter, faster, and better at acquiring applications and managing all of those associated documents with ease.

“For the second year running, we have brought market-leading technology to the industry while operating as a primarily remote team of software engineers, coders, and co-ordinators. It has not been the easiest journey at times and this award hopefully recognises that hard work from our teams and all of our technology partners.”

You can see the full recruitment software shortlist here.

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